The Road to Ms. Alabama, Lady Brittany C. Vinson

The Road to Ms. Alabama, Lady Brittany C. Vinson

 Lady, Dr. Brittany C. Vinson (DD)(h.c.) is a force to be reckoned with! This Auntie has a contagious personality, everlasting love and a companionate heart that can be seen everyone she goes. The sincerity of Lady Brittany’s testimony passed the scrutiny of NACM Elder Council. Under the ecclesiastical accountability of Executive Elders; she delegates senior leadership and ministry holds the Christian faith with conviction. Recognized Nationally and Internationally for being a need for services to mankind. Such offers in the promotion of the Christian Faith.

The founder/owner of My InHERitance Ministries LLC accreditations are acknowledged by North Alabama Better Business Bureua. Operating by faith, it’s integral impact gained notice as an asset graced with the spiritual blessing of Charter. As an official ministry, the National fellowship recognitions are Nationally Independently Chartered. Affirmed and verified by the authority of NACM validating the existence of  My InHERitance Ministries LLC. 

The faith based National Independent Chatered Ministry and Organization are the foundation of her important message. The Matriarch’s mission is to restore, rebuild and secure the family structure that leads to a Nation under God. She is eager with a readiness to rage! Uttering with a purpose to bring awareness to resilience starting with disabled families and disabled communities.

In addition, our Proud Auntie is the Matriarch of a resilient family. An Honorable Delegate cherishing motherhood to her two little girls. Facing major life challenges every day inspired her to embrace her own family’s adversity. Much despair led to The Kharsyn & Kaislee Foundation, in honor of her children. A resource that advocates, protects by supporting mentally and physically disabled individuals. Building a community and government that truly respect disabled families. With hopes of loved ones gaining independence with a sense of relief while caring for their disabled family members.

Each topic are dear to Honorary Doctors heart because of trails and obstacles that she and her family continues to endure in their everyday life. In spite of the insidious attacks she remains cerebral and assertive. Choosing to be better and not bitter has advanced in many ways than one could imagine. From afar she unaware  of being considered for TWO HONORARY DOCTRINES. Humbled to be a two time honoree recipient, Honorary Doctor of Divinity and Honorary Doctor of Humanitarianism. As she is currently facing homelessness with one of her two daughters being disabled, she continues to walk by faith and as a wonderful role model for the community. Believing that, "It's indeed a pleasure to serve than be served."

Lady, Dr. Brittany C. Vinson always uses her platform to advocate for others, inspire the doubtful, empower everyone from young to old, motivate and encourage the weary, and meet people where they are mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, visually, and financially.

Lady Brittany identifies as being a, "Philanthropist, Angel Investor, Human Rights Analyst, Educator, Mental/Physical Disability Advocate, Minister, Ambassador, Prolific Author/Writer, Legal Representative, Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Honorary Doctor of Humanitarianism and so much more!

Auntie Brittany News Features: 

Alabama businesswoman Brittany C. Vinson seeking justice amid ‘discrimination’ against her family by resident management – Making Headline News

It does not stop there! Brittany is a publish author: I Once Was Blind But Now I See : “A Sheltered Southern Belle” (Memoir) - Kindle edition by Vinson , Brittany C. . Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

Somebody's Auntie is honored to be one of the sponsors on her road to the crown for Miss Cosmos 2022. Dr. Brittany C. Vinson is proud to be Somebody's Auntie. We are proud to highlight her and all her wonderful accomplishments. 

If you would like to support Miss Alabama on her pageant journey you can follow her social media platforms and participate in her GoFund Me page. 


Follow Auntie Brittany on Tik Tok and Facebook.


Business Email: 

d States Pageants | The Most Beautiful Girls In All The Cosmos ( 

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