Somebody's Auntie® LLC is a lifestyle brand that celebrates Aunties and the people who love them. Our goal is to illustrate how influential, proud, and compassionate they are to the ones they cherish. Auntie's no matter blood-related or assigned have been able to provide everlasting love with a compassionate heart. 
Somebody's Auntie® LLC is addressing a need for recognition, appreciation, and support for Aunties and their unique role in families and communities.
 We celebrate the unique role of Aunties through Aunt products, community building, and storytelling, Somebody's Auntie® LLC seeking to empower and recognize the influence, pride, and compassion of Aunties blood related or assigned have on the communities and families that they are in. By promoting the importance of Aunties and their relationships with their loved ones, Somebody's Auntie is helping to create a more inclusive and supportive society.

Founder & CEO Jess Martinez

Jessica Martinez

Jessica L. Martinez
Hey, you can call me Jess! I wear many hats but being an Auntie is hands down my favorite. I'm an Auntie of eight wonderful nieces and nephews. I have a dream that one day Aunties will get the respect we so graciously deserve. That we can come together and create an Auntie Nation, formed on strength, love, and compassion. I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice and have a passion to support at-risk youth and families. I'm a Licensed Mixxedfit® Instructor who loves to dance and rebuke any and all hate that comes my way. With the grace of God, I am determined to make sure I can contribute some good to this world. This is one of my first stops on that path. 
My Story:
 I become an Aunt at the early age of seven. I remember when my oldest brother brought my nephew home because well it was my birthday, and he was getting all the attention. Excited to share the news with my elementary school classmates and teachers who all looked at me kinda funny trying to wrap their minds around it. I still get the common question to this day: Are you an Auntie? I know I look young but give me some credit I have been an Auntie for almost two decades, that's for most of my life. Year after year the crew slowly grew to eight. Now I don't think my nieces and nephews know how cool I am but hopefully, one day I will make them as proud as they make me.
With that being said. I cannot wait to meet you! Head over to our Facebook Group "Somebody's Auntie®" to join in on all the fun. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list for updates to your inbox.
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