Auntie of the Month Nominations

Welcome Back to Somebody's Auntie®

Auntie of the Month is a safe place to show off about all things Auntie. You can nominate an Auntie that has had a powerful impact on someone's life for the better. A person who promotes the health and wellbeing of others; is respected for their contributions and flexibility in times of need. They exemplify outstanding characteristics that are beneficial to the ones they love and support. They take pride in embracing their role as Somebody's Auntie®

Before you drop your 'Auntie of the Month' nominations, please read through some of the key information below to be considered.

Nomination Criteria: To be nominated as Auntie of the Month the candidate must currently be an Auntie or a strong Auntie figure in someone's life. 

Who Can Nominate: Anyone can nominate an Auntie for the program. An Auntie can nominate themselves or be nominated by the community and family they support. Please only nominate one Auntie per month. 

Selections: The Auntie's picture or video will be showcased on the Somebody's Auntie® Website under our blog. Along with featured on the Somebody's Auntie® Facebook Group. If you are not a member you should join to hear about the amazing Aunties each month. The Somebody's Auntie® Team will read through and select the nominee. Somebody's Auntie® will need consent from all parties to post the about the content and individuals nominated. 

 Want to nominate an Auntie? Things to consider:

  • Is this Auntie a positive role model?
  • Do they have an infectious personality?
  • Does this Auntie find ways to make the people around them lives better?
  • Are they centered with respect?
  • Are they a protector and/or provider? 

What We Need:

  • Full Name of the Auntie we are celebrating. 
  • Why are they so amazing? 
  • Give us the details. Yes, we want the tea so we can brag too!
  • How has this Auntie gone above and beyond for the ones they love despite the obstacles in their way?


We love you all and cannot wait to laugh and grow together.


Somebody's Auntie®


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