Aunties Raising Orphans Partnership

The vision for Aunties Raising Orphans is to alleviate pressures and provide support to individuals and orphans by fostering a community of hope. With a mission to provide support to guardians and orphans in need. 

Somebody's Auntie® LLC is partnering with this Amazing Organization and will be donating ten percent of all profits to Aunties Raising Orphans!


Aunties Raising Orphans is a community program being built to support Aunties and Aunt figures who are raising orphans or taking in a child due to a death, medical emergency or health concern. Aunties Raising Orphans will be providing financial support for everyday needs that come from taking in a child. While providing recourses to help build a strong foundation for growth and stability for both the child and guardians who are navigating through a hard time.

Aunties all over the world have stepped up to take care of a loved one in need with no questions asked. This selfless act has not gone unnoticed. However, we lack the systems in place to help this specific group. It is tremendously important to build a community to support them as they take on these huge responsibilities. The money raised will add an extra support to these families in need.

Core Practices:

1) Financial Support: for the Aunts and/or Guardians: Taking in a human young or older to help with the financial burden. 

2) Grief Counseling: Creating a space for youth and guardians who have lost a loved one and need support with trying to adjust to a new way of living by connecting them with a professional.

3) Aunties Support Group: by Aunties for Aunties. 

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