Auntie Angela Hill of Rockland County, NY

Auntie Angela Hill of Rockland County, NY

Congratulations to Angela Hill, who has been nominated by a beloved family member. Angela first gained the title of Auntie nine years ago. She has four nephews and one niece. She stays active in the Zumba community, as a certified Zumba instructor at her local community center. 

Angela remembers when her life changed, the very moment that her sister broke the news that she was pregnant. Angela was filled with excitement and made it a point to get in as much talking tummy time in as she could. Yes, most of us have done it too. The moment that she will cherish forever is her nephew Anthony's first time opening his eyes in her arms. Next came her niece Tapree, and before she knew it her sister blessed the family with twins Christian and Jordan. Lastly, is Liam. Who is not blood related but just as important in her eyes. 

Angela is an activist by nature, she has stepped in to make it her business to see that her community is heard, represented and safe. Not only that, she was also an active participant of many local protest and gatherings to bring awareness to police brutality.

Ms. Hill got her Masters degree, and started a carrier as a teacher. She has made it her mission to nurture the young minds of the next generation. Ms. Hill is a Special Education, English and History teacher at Nyack High School in Rockland County, NY.

It has been said that Ms. Hill takes her time to care for her students individually in order to provide them with the extra support that they need to get through the year. Being a teacher that cares enough to go the extra mile has made an impact on both the culture and communities she serves. 

Her niece and nephews have had the opportunity to visit their Aunty-La at work. One of Ms. Hill's driving forces is envisioning their futures while she teaches the students who enter her classroom. "I know that one day they'll be in high school and I want them to see representation, intelligence, and the beauty in hard work," -Angela Hill.

Angela exemplifies what it means to be an Auntie because she is always there for big the moments and the small ones. Not making any moment feel less important than the next. It does not matter what is going on in her personal life, she still shows up. Events, birthdays and holidays come around each year and Angela is always there, cheering for at all the small mile stones.

Despite whatever obstacles are in her path, she still finds a way to make people laugh and keep her nephews and niece filled with joy. Some would say her smile is contagious. One of her best qualities is her ability to be present with the ones around her. Ms. Hill always finds time to be intentional with the people around her. Listening and laughing with the ones who call her Aunty-La. A quote from Angela, "They know Aunty-La has their back and that they can do anything they put their minds to."

The Auntie who made this nomination, Gabrielle Mathelier, shared one of her favorite quarantine memories with Angela. When the world was shut down during the pandemic, the two Aunties took their nephew out on his new Mercedes-Benz toy car to drive around the neighborhood. Accompanied with their sister, they then danced, played, and created videos for hours. Making memories that well last for a little piece of forever, along with Liam's day.

This day felt special to Gabrielle because Angela has a way of making people forget about the problems around them, to just live in the moment. Gabrielle appreciated that Angela helped give their shared two-year-old nephew what felt like a normal summer day.

"Angela Hill is a very bubbly woman who absolutely adores her niece and nephews. Not only does she go out of her way to be there as an Auntie, but she also cherishes the ones who birthed them. Aside from being an Auntie by blood, she has shown many that you also do not have to be blood related to be one. She has dedicated equal time, love, and care to all of her little ones; from setting up Easter egg hunts to making sure they have a smile on their face. Despite all obstacles she may face, she has always been someone you can count on. Thank you for everything you do and more!." -Auntie Gabrielle

Ms. Hill shared a memory, "One of my favorite memories of Anthony and Tapree was when they had their first solo in church for Christmas and had to sing Away in a Manger. Why did I almost cry? I was just so proud. They weren’t that much taller than my knee cap and sang in front of the whole church completely fearlessly in little sheep costumes. Aunty was proud!"
Aunty-La believes that moms are the true MVPs. However, enjoys holding it down for them when they can use a break. "There is literally nothing better than being an Auntie," said Angela Hill. We couldn't agree more with that statement! Thank you so much for being such an amazing Auntie and making an impact on your community. 
If you want to keep up with all things Aunty-La you can follow her YouTube page called Black Essence Personified to find her podcast. Here is the first video, check it out!
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