Auntie of the Month Spotlight

Tiquana Blackmon is a proud Auntie of two. First gaining the title in December 2014 with her nephew Trey, then again September of 2018 with her niece Saniyah who just turned two. When Tiquana was asked what being an Auntie meant to her. She stated that, "It means being there for your siblings’ child or children, both physically and emotionally. Helping to take care of the kids and love them as your own." We could not agree more with Tiquana. The love of an Auntie is pure, and we are excited to celebrate this Auntie with this month’s spotlight.

Trey and Saniyah have had an enormous impact on their Auntie. Tiquana was struggling with the loss of her father. Soon after, the birth of her nephew brought some joy back into her life. The smiles, giggles, and hugs made her feel unconditional love, these feelings echoed after the birth of Saniyah. They give Tiquana just what she needed during dark times and this wonderful Auntie provides the same. When Trey was one, he caught pneumonia and had to be hospitalizes for a week. Auntie Tiquana was right by his side every day, despite having school. When Saniyah had to spend her first Christmas in the hospital and away from family, Auntie Tiquana was at her side. This Auntie always puts the needs, health, and wellbeing of her niece and nephew above anything else. It is safe to say that her niece and nephew are the two most important people in her life.

While Tiquana is so proud of how smart her niece and nephew are, the two have taught her a few things over time. Such as how to be a role model, and the importance of having strong figures in one’s life other than parents. A favorite memory of hers is when they learned how to call her Auntie. Every Auntie knows the feeling, truthfully hearing it never gets old.

Her family and community are lucky to have such an amazing Auntie to provide that everlasting love and compassionate heart. Congratulations Tiquana Blackman for being our very first recipient of Auntie of the Month. We wish you the best of luck through this wonderful journey. We love you!


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